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Cover Image - Academic Radiology, Volume 30, Issue 3

Academic Radiology publishes original reports of clinical and laboratory investigations in diagnostic imaging, the diagnostic use of radioactive isotopes, computed tomography, positron emission tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, digital subtraction angiography, image-guided interventions and related techniques. It also includes brief technical reports describing original observations, techniques, and instrumental developments; state-of-the-art reports on clinical issues, new technology and other topics of current medical importance; meta-analyses; scientific studies and opinions on radiologic education; and letters to the Editor.




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Authors: Fast Decision and Publication Time

Fast Decision and Publication TimeAcademic Radiology provides authors with quick turnarounds throughout the publication process. We return initial decisions about a month after receiving a submission, on average. If accepted, articles are posted online in fully citable form in about 6 weeks, and published in a print issue about 4 months after acceptance. Publication in Academic Radiology offers you:

  • Global dissemination of your work
  • Medline and other indexing
  • Online usage statistics sent after publication
  • Citation alerts when your article is cited by other authors
  • Liberal copyright policy
  • Open access publication options

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AUR Information


The Association of University Radiologists (AUR) consists of over 3,000 staff radiologists, residents, and fellows. The purpose of the Association of University Radiologists is to encourage excellence in radiological laboratory and clinical investigation, teaching and clinical practice; to stimulate an interest in academic radiology as a medical career; to advance radiology as a medical science; and to represent academic radiology at a national level.


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