April 2004

Volume 11Issue 4p365-486, E1-E32


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  • Assessment methodologies and statistical issues for computer-aided diagnosis of lung nodules in computed tomography

    contemporary research topics relevant to the lung image database consortium11,2 1 We emphasize that this review is meant to be descriptive, not prescriptive, and to serve as a point of departure for investigators who will use the LIDC database. It is hoped that the existence of the database and associated resources, such as the present report, will promote further progress in many of the unresolved research areas sketched here. 2 This article represents a professional review by the present authors and is not an official document, guidance, or policy of the US Government, Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health or the Food and Drug Administration, nor should any official endorsement be inferred.

    • Lori E Dodd,
    • Robert F Wagner,
    • Samuel G Armato III,
    • ...
    • Berkman Sahiner,
    • Jim Sayre
    • the Lung Image Database Consortium Research Group
    Published in issue: April 2004



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